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Readers' comments for Free Cash Flow: A Two-Hour Primer for Management and the Board:

"Many management teams would benefit from adopting the common sense
ideas in Free Cash Flow."
  William E. Conway, Jr.,
Founding Partner and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

"Free Cash Flow is a must for all management teams to understand how GAAP reports can at times provide only part of the story and, unfortunately, in some cases provide the wrong answer. The book helps financial managers focus on a handful of customer, market channel and product line cash flow reports to effectively manage their business and increase shareholder valuation."
  Tom Liguori,
CFO and EVP, Multi-Fineline Electronix Inc.

"A well spent two hour read. Accurately illustrates why managing to
GAAP is nonsense."
  William W. Priest,
Chief Executive Officer, Epoch Investment Partners

Free Cash Flow: A Two-Hour Primer for Management and the Board
is written for busy executives who want to increase the valuation of their companies but do not have the time to read a 500-page book loaded with complicated equations:

Free Cash Flow is written for managers and board members who are frustrated with their current dependence on GAAP financial statements and budgets. They want to focus on core value drivers but don’t quite know how to get started.

Free Cash Flow is a 144-page double-spaced book that can be finished in the time it takes to complete a typical plane trip.

Free Cash Flow provides six key management reports that incorporate multiple disciplines. These six reports provide a starting point for any company to develop a Free Cash Flow report package tailored to the company’s needs. You do not start with a blank piece of paper on Monday morning.

Go to
www.Amazon.com or www.BarnesandNoble.com to order the Primer in hardback. Each of these links takes you directly to the Primer order page at these book stores – you will not have to search for the book on these websites.

If you have read the Primer and would like information on how I can assist your company in applying the generic reports to your company, please email me at gcchristy@gmail.com.


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